Ode to Tulsa

McNellie's Downtown

McNellie’s Downtown

I think it would be nice for me to take a little time to describe my home base for the past several months– Tulsa, Oklahoma. Although I live in one of the suburbs, I have been working in the heart of downtown this summer. The work isn’t exactly for me, but I know that I will truly miss taking long lunches and walking in the shade of the buildings with my mom (who happens to work in the same department, wonder how that job lined up?)

People like to rag on Oklahoma for being flat and boring, but it will always be my home. Even if I was annoyed with my decision to move back in with my parents for the summer, my upcoming move abroad has led me to see the situation in a different light. A great example of this is how my vision of downtown Tulsa has changed over this summer.

Up until high school, I thought Tulsa was a distant land where my mom worked. It was completely irrelevant to me. When I started high school and earned my driver’s license, Tulsa became a reachable but detested place where I was likely to get lost during my attempted commute to the shopping mall or my club soccer practices. When I reached legal drinking age it was a chill, “adult” destination, but also held some strangers waiting to ask for money as you stumbled back to your car.  Maybe it’s my countdown to Spain, filled with constant reminders of things I will miss and people telling me to soak this time up, but I found that Tulsa holds some true beauty filled with nostalgia.

Center of the Universe Festival

Center of the Universe Festival

This summer I spent time downtown at the Center of the Universe music festival with some old (but wonderful) friends and was impressed by the turnout and line up for good ‘ol Tulsa: Neon Trees, OneRepublic, plus a great jazz band. I had my twenty-third birthday surrounded by some of the people I love most while beer tasting at McNellie’s Pub House, and as I mentioned earlier, I’ve been cooped up in an office cubicle determined to earn money to travel Europe, but my role model of a mother is just down the hall and I love seeing her during the day. She brought me Rocky Mountain carmel apple yesterday just as I wanted to cry because my eyes hurt from incessant peering over Excel spreadsheets. Who else is that lucky?

Cubicle Life

It’s all about your perspective! Look up from your phone for awhile and see what’s around you. I’ve noticed that as frustrated I get with my family or bored with the daily commute to my 9-5 job that there are things to appreciate around here. It’s been nice to get to know new coworkers and breifly be a part of their lives. Whether it be coming home to my over-excited, chubby puppy or waking up early to make all the coffee and pack lunches, it’s calming to slow down and revel in what I’ve got going while it lasts. Only two weeks left of it.