Basque Country: Playa de Bakio

At first, Bakio was just supposed to serve as a starting point of the hike to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, but we were surprised by its beautiful beach and decided to take advantage of the sunny weather, which is apparently an irregularity in Basque Country.

After our hike we were exhausted and hungry, so we decided to pick out a beachfront restaurant and drink a couple of pintas. The food was overpriced, but the setting was worth it. I kept thinking how nice it would be to live in that cute town, but it may get overwhelming with the tourists in the summer. After lunch, we decided to shed our shoes and walk across the beach.

Playa de Bakio is a popular surfing beach in Basque Country and we actually arrived during a kids surf competition. It was fun to watch! The beach is really interesting because there are massive rocks on one end of it that you can walk in between. There are also cliffs overlooking the beach that display crazy angular unconformities (hah! Geology.. senior year.. made an A). But really, some of the stones that had fallen were full of crystals and a lot of the boulders had small fossils and oolites. We spent a couple of blissful hours walking through the boulders and climbing onto the rocks to look out at the view.

We sat on the sidewalk to let our feet dry (had to return to our bulky hiking boots) and watched a lot of puppies playing in the water. I really miss Guinness. With a little of time left to kill before our bus picked us up we wandered around the neighborhoods surrounding the beach. Just like the rest of Basque Country we had seen, Bakio had interesting architecture. The houses were a mix of typical Spanish pueblo houses (the ones you picture with a red clay roof), but a log cabin style. It was strange, but very fitting since the city is made into the mountains. I was exhausted from a day in the sun, but loved the bus ride back to Bilbao because everything was so scenic. We had a great day for essentially no cost but the bus ride and lunch.