“Travel brings …

Rumi quote

This quote has really had me thinking. Let’s look at this quote in two parts: power and love.

How does travel bring power back into your life? This has been blatantly clear to me since I moved abroad, and I’m glad this quote could put the realization into words for me. Travel is self-empowering. Once you move, leave, whatever– what you make of your experience is up to you. This is especially true if you are on your own. You decide where you want to go, what you will see, and where you will stay. There are endless opportunities for what you can make for yourself. Also, with travel comes knowledge that you can gain only through experience. The impact of places you see and people you encounter become a part of you, in a hippie love sort of way. Although this isn’t a power like Harry Potter speaking parseltongue, I definitely think it counts as something you can use for a lifetime.

Bring love back into my life? Who says it ever left?  Not all people who travel are lonely or looking for self discovery. I’d like to think that I wasn’t either. However, I can see different forms of love arising since I’ve been here. The first is self-love (did I just make that combo word up?) I can’t help but smile when I think of myself having the courage to come here. There have been some truly rough times already with getting established and overcoming obstacles, but I’ve made it so far, so good. The majority of the long list of worries I was reciting to myself as I stepped on the plane have already passed.

Next, there is love in the form of gratitude. When I get a chance to take trips to new places or see beautiful things around me I feel a love for the world that seems too far away when I’m caught up in the stress of daily life. I’m grateful that I had the chance to come here and I hope I take this appreciation for life home with me.

Finally, the love for familiar comforts has come back into my life– most definitely. There’s nothing like moving abroad to make you cherish what you have at home. When I was bored with Oklahoma or counting down the days to my flight I forgot all too easily how much I love being within driving distance of my beautiful friends, frequenting my favorite shops and restaurants, or sitting in the house I grew up in with my parents just in the next room. That’s hard to say out loud and hard to own up to when I feel like I should be living the dream as an adventuress. I’m walking the fine line between both.

I’ve been miserably sick for the past couple of days and am so over being cooped up in the apartment. My teachers have been incredibly kind and understanding, though. It really makes it easier to not have a constant guilt trip or feel like I’m letting someone down! I don’t know why that seems to be engrained in me. It’s as if I automatically worry that if I miss something because I’m sick, the person/organization I am working with will assume that I’m skipping out. It’s nice to hear “don’t worry, rest up!” when your head feels like it will explode from congestion.

I have some exciting news! I’ve recently become an intern/contributing writer for ROOSTERGNN and GAPBRAVE, a bilingual news agency and travel website. After a brief interview last week, I was asked to submit outlines for a few articles I had ideas for, and today they told me they’d like to publish all of them! I heard about these agencies from a fellow blogger, you can check out her work here.

I’m really happy I’ll have an “assignment” to work on and that I can capitalize on this writing hobby I seem to have developed. Only working 15-18 hours each week with school and private lessons doesn’t add up to much. My personality just does better if I have a chance to stay busy. Especially with our travel plans on hold in order to save up for Christmas break. Stay tuned for the links to my articles!


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