Why Are You Writing A Blog?

Lately I´ve been struggling with whether or not to continue with this blog. Maybe other people out there can relate. I must admit it´s become yet another source of social media where I end up constantly checking for “views” and “likes”. So annoying! For awhile there, I started changing how I wrote to include more “practical information” about where I was, how I found the information to get me there, and advice. This was in hopes of helping others along, but I was going to measure this through my amount of followers. Which–spoiler alert–didn´t increase.

The thing is, when I´m traveling and exploring a new place, I love to take photos and I love to post my photos here. What I don´t love is finding a really cool bar or nice restaurant and then trying to make mental notes to remember what I ordered, the overall ambience, as well as jotting down the address to post it here.

I don´t have all the answers. I´m finding out how to live abroad and how to travel to new places as I go along. I screw up on the daily… most recently when I was in Paris warning my visiting mom and aunt about pick-pockets and ended up getting my wallet stolen by the end of the trip! Story on that coming soon, but the list of my SMH moments goes on and on.

When I´m trying to make this blog for other people–you know, the non-existent ones who hang on every word I say and model their adventures after mine–it becomes a chore. I worry about the quality of my writing or if I´m sounding like a know-it-all. I feel self-centered. So, where I´m getting here, is that this blog is for me.

I´ve tried putting all of this in a personal journal, but it seems more likely that I´ll keep up with it here. I want to have a place to look back on my photos (rather than them ending up jumbled in the Facebook abyss) and a place to spill out my stories. I also couldn´t give up this blog because it´s just one more tie that I have to my friends and family back home.

I gave the site a little facelift featuring all my adventurous, round-the-world photos, and now I´ll try to enjoy adding content just a little bit more. I just found out that my three-day work week has been shortened to a day and a half this week (suerte!) so I´m looking forward to posting about my travels from when my mom and aunt came to visit me!


7 Responses to “Why Are You Writing A Blog?”

  1. Cecilia

    Hi Courtney,

    Thank you for continuing writing on this blog! I read it on my commute to work. Believe it or not, your blog is one of the reasons I chosed La Rioja as my first choice (my bf and I are both applying). Hope to see you there in September!

    • cartasdecourtney

      Cecilia that is so nice! Thanks for commenting. Hope to be seeing you in September, too! If you can, try to be here before Sept 20th. It’s the beginning of Logroño’s main festival (San Mateo) and you won’t want to miss it!

  2. dad

    I am ready for you to give it up if it means you are going to come home…just sayin

  3. Kaley

    Hey! Just saying — I’m reading. Keep it up. And I sometimes ask myself those questions. My blog isn’t even that popular, but I still get caught up in the likes and shares too.

    • cartasdecourtney

      Thank you, Kaley! It’s nice to hear from someone who can relate. And just for you to know, I love reading your blog!

  4. Mike

    I’m reading! I really like your blog, and in my mind, it doesn’t have to be about the exact information on where you went and what you did and ate. As someone who will be moving to Spain (fingers crossed), I enjoy reading the unfiltered feelings you have as an expat abroad because I know I will be having similar ones next year. I have kept up my blog because I enjoy doing it and have “met” very kind, caring, and like-minded people from around the world. Everyone in the blogging community has been incredibly helpful and encouraging to me and have at times boosted my faith in humanity, not to get too philosophical here. I really like your Dad’s comment too! Mine would say the exact same thing!

    • cartasdecourtney

      Thanks, Mike! I know that’s not what it’s about. That’s just what I was trying to do to model some of the most popular blogs I keep up with. Constantly trying to publicize gets old for me, so I’m going to step away from that.
      Totally agree with the great blog community, another reason why I don’t want to stop writing… is that I like gaining inspiration from others and relating to their feelings. Good luck with your placement!

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