Photo Blog: Streets of Central Paris

Ahhhh, Paris. Quite possibly the most visited, pined after, romanticized city in the world. I must admit that when my mom and aunt told me they had to visit Paris when they came over to see me in Spain, I rolled my eyes. “But everyone goes to Paris!”, I thought. Well after spending a long weekend there, I can see why… It’s breathtaking!

Never have I seen so much elaborate, encompassing architecture. Nor so many fancy and perfectly trimmed gardens. One thing I loved about the city was that it’s so metropolitan (traffic for days in the city center), but you still find tranquil, beautiful parks filled with lounging people around every corner. It’s a great juxtaposition and I couldn’t get enough. We also were there with some great weather! Here are some of my favorite shots I took while we wandered the streets.

I somewhat “tried” to start learning French back in February before we left for our trip to Morocco and when I also knew we would be visiting Paris. “Tried” means I did Duolingo for about two weeks so it doesn’t really count… but I was surprised by how much I wasn’t bothered hearing it all around me. French is a beautiful language, just a little tricky for someone who’s only known Spanish most of her life. I don’t know how I’ll finally get to learn it, but it’s on my list!

In the three days we were there I know we only saw about 40% of the city. Each neighborhood offers something unique and different. With such a rich history and beautiful attractions, I think I’ll definitely have to make it back. Next time, with Jay! Most of our time was spent around the very center, the place with the most famous sights Paris has to offer, and in this case, also the most visiting tourists. Next up I’ll write about my favorite buildings, the story of the illusive gypsy thieves, and our fairy tale visit to the Palace of Versailles.


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