Photo Blog: Colors of the Coast of Liguria

I can’t name this post “the Colors of Cinque Terre” because I was technically outside of the national park for the majority of our time on the coast. I’m pretty pleased with myself for finding a cheaper alternative and some original photos!

Portovenere was our home base for three days. It’s a popular vacation spot for Italians and foreigners alike with historic sites such as a castle and Lord Byron’s favorite swimming spot. The best part of our first day there was exploring the stacked, narrow streets, all connected by steep staircases. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood when you’re soaking up the bright colors in the summer sun.

On our last day we completed a very green (and turquoise blue) hike from Campiglia to Riomaggiore. A view of Cinque Terre’s largest port was a beautiful final reward. As always in my photo blogs, here are some of my favorite, most colorful photographs from our time there.

Have you ever been to the coast of Italy?


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