Sunsets in Florence, Italy

As many travel fails as we had in Italy, I still saw the dreamy side of Florence. The architecture, bridges, and surrounding hills can make you feel like you’re in love. What’s more romantic than a sunset in Italy? I can think of a few things, but there was something about the sky during sunset that convinced me of Florence’s beauty and why so many artists called it home.

The place to be to watch a sunset in Florence is on the banks of the Arno River. Not in Piazza Michelangelo. In my opinion, that place is way overrated. The viewing area is full of travelers taking selfies and you can’t see the water’s reflection. Go to the river and pick a spot, whether it be at a restaurant, on the railing, or on a bridge. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Prime time

Prime time

On our first night, I was surprised to emerge from the city center to see the clouds lit up that way; so much in fact, that I went back to the same place the next night to get the full show. After a crazy week where I felt like I was fighting an uphill battle in Italy, I had a moment while watching that sunset where I felt calm and inspired.

Enjoy it fully. After the sunset, turn around and admire the light reflecting in the water from Ponte Vecchio and the surrounding streets. Florence gets even prettier by night!


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  1. Laura

    Gorgeous photos! I’m going to be in Florence later this month – you’re making me even more excited for it :)

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