Pincho Hopping in Logroño: Travesia de Laurel

Travesia de Laurel

Travesia de Laurel

This is the first of five posts over my favorite pintxos in Logroño. It’s been a terribly difficult having to go around and taste all these delicious bites, lemme tell ya. We’re starting with Travesia de Laurel, because it’s the street on the other side of Jay and I’s apartment and has our staple bars for every night out. First up…

Blanco y Negro Travesia de Laurel 1

This bar is a favorite for not only myself, but almost everyone who’s been. It’s most famous item is the matrimonio, a combination of anchovies and green pepper. For those who like to avoid anchovies, they have several bruschetta options that are incredibly tasty.

  • Bruscheta de frambuesa has thinly sliced jamón and creamy goat cheese served on a slice of Texas toast and topped with raspberry jam.
  • Bruscheta de calabacín y jamón is my personal favorite. It’s a piece of Texas toast layered with jamón, melted cheese, and grilled zucchini with a kick of garlic flavor.
  • El matrimonio is a hotdog style bun filled with two types of marinated anchovies and a slice of pickled green pepper.

Bruscheta frambuesa y de calabacin y jamon

Bruscheta frambuesa y de calabacin y jamon

Bar Soriano Travesia de Laurel 2

Soriano is an insanely well known, authentic local bar with only one item on the menu: champiñones. I didn’t even like mushrooms before I tried these, and now it is my favorite places to bring guests. It’s featured in Spain’s Lonely Planet guide, so you’ll probably run into other first-timers snapping photos. There’s no pretty way to eat it!

  • Un pintxo de champiñones is a stack of three grilled, white mushrooms drenched in garlic and oil. They’re pinned onto a small piece of bread by a toothpick, with a tiny shrimp stuffed into the top mushroom.

Tío Agus Travesia de Laurel 4-6

This bar’s specialty pintxo is all about the sauce. To order all you have to say is “Tío Agus.” There is also an option to get the meat on a kebab, but I prefer the bread bun because it soaks up the sauce!

  • Tío Agus is served in a hotdog style bun. Inside is steaming hot pork covered in an indescribable sauce. It’s salty, relish-like, curry-esque… Finger-lickin’ good.



Don’t forget to get yourself a small glass of vino tinto for each round! That’s it for Travesia de Laurel, although there are several more noteworthy bars on this tiny street. I have to stop somewhere. Next up is Calle San Agustín!


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