Pincho Hopping in Logroño: Calle Albornoz

I’ve made it to the last post in my Pintxo Hopping in Logroño series! For those just tuning in, Logroño’s ruta de pintxos is a special part of the city. It’s well-known across Spain for tourism and locals crowd the streets every weekend to socialize and eat. The area is simply called “Calle Laurel” even though it is a combination of multiple streets full of tasty bars and restaurants.

There are many cities known for pintxos and tapas in Spain, but what I really love about Logroño is that all of these places are grouped right together.

The streets: Travesia de Laurel, Calle Laurel, Calle San Agustin, Calle San Juan

Calle Albornoz is the smallest of them all, connecting the middles of Calle Laurel and Calle San Agustin. It only holds six bars, but there are several worth mentioning!

La Cubanas Calle San Agustin 17

Located on the corner of Calle Albornoz and Calle San Agustin, Las Cubanas’ specialty pintxo happens to be my favorite dish in the area. I keep it on reserve as a special treat, rather than a daily meal (it’s that good!) because it’s a bit more expensive than others, say 3,50 rather than 1,50. It’s also not technically a pintxo, but a larger portion. So what’s this incredible dish?

  • Cochinillo is suckling pig. Yet rather than being served as a whole, actual piglet, it’s bearable to look at. The tender, juicy meat is bunched together and grilled, then drenched in brown gravy. It reminds me of a mini pot roast!It’s best paired with a glass of crianza that you can get for 2,00 or less. I recommend Gomez Cruzado Rioja Crianza, a top contender for my favorite wine. Regardless of which you choose, just make sure it’s Rioja.

Bar Sebas Calle Albornoz 3

Bar Sebas’ specialty pintxo is tortilla de patata. I’ve already mentioned my favorite tortilla in Logroño so that’s not what I go for, but it’s definitely worth a taste.

The bar is so tiny that you’ll probably end up out in the street trying to balance your plate and drink glass, which is all part of the experience! Sometimes it’s so full that it’s a bit impractical to push your way in, so you can just sneak up to the outside window to place your order.

  • Pimientos rellenos is one of Jay’s favorite pintxos. This is a common dish in many Spanish bars and there are multiple variations for the type of pepper as well as the stuffing. Bar Sebas’ version is a red pepper stuffed with meat and cheese, battered and fried. Always served on a small slice of bread, of course!

Bar El Canalla Calle Albornoz 1

Looking for something a bit different? To the left of Bar Sebas, you’ll run into El Canalla. They advertise a little “explosion” cube of egg… it sounds weird, it is weird, and it’s just not very good.

My recommendation is to try one of their pretty, creative timbales. A timbal (drum) in Spanish is a dense, circular potato cake served with a variety of toppings. I haven’t been brave enough to try a timbal yet, so I always just order a glass of wine. This bar has a large selection of Rioja.

  • Timbal de carrillada is the small potato cake mentioned earlier, topped with grilled pig cheek! I can’t get over knowing that it’s cheek, but I’m sure it tastes porky like other pig parts. Different parts of a pig’s face is very popular in Spain, as well as the ears.
  • Timbal de chipirones is the same topped with sauteed squid. Go on, all you adventurous eaters out there! I’ll catch up eventually.

Have you ever been pintxo hopping in Logroño? What’s your favoirte bar?


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