A Weekend Away in Navarra, Spain

November is usually a pretty dull month for me, so I was excited when friends suggested renting a casa rural for a weekend. I was extra excited when we worked it out for Guinness to come along, too! A casa rural is exactly what the name implies… a house in the middle of nowhere. We came with almost 20 people and were ready for some time away from Logroño.

Our house was located about 2.5 hours from Logroño, on the Spanish-French border at the edge of the Pyrenees mountains. Yes, it was as great as it sounds. The huge house came with a heavy duty kitchen and a beautiful fireplace. The leaders of our little weekend had planned out a grocery list, recipes, and cooking groups for each of our meals. My group was responsible for our first dinner. We had a great time preparing chorizo spaghetti and I especially enjoyed talking with people that I normally don’t see or get to spend a lot of time with during the week.

Guinness enjoyed porch sitting, begging, and sneaking into the kitchen to raid the trash can all weekend. Dog’s life.

The next morning after a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs and a few naps, we went as a group hiking to the border. When we reached our destination, we were looking into a valley– standing in Spain and looking over to France. The area surrounding our house is amazing. In autumn, the tree leaves are changing and the hills are covered in thick grass, spotted by cows and sheep. It was just nice to get out and have some fresh air. I love the mountains.

In our down time we spent the evenings playing Jenga, card games, and charades… just like the good ol’ days. The downstairs area of the house even had a pool table, foosball table, and ping pong. The nights got crazy, but by the end of the weekend I truly didn’t want to leave.

It was like we were in a private bubble away from Spain, nothing planned and nothing to do but relax and spend time with friends. It was a much needed weekend away from the daily routine.

It’s not like my life is incredibly challenging here, I know that after talking with an adult student who has to work 40+ hour weeks before Christmas. I receive a decent wage for minimal hours and I get to choose how much I add on after that. Yet like I’ve said before, it’s easy to get caught up in your daily “troubles.”

Our weekend away was just what I needed. I wanted to see the countryside during autumn, and sometimes I just need fresh air. I hope we can do something similar soon!