A Day in Morocco’s Blue City

This past weekend my friends somehow convinced me to take a girls´trip to Tangiers, Morocco. I was all for it then, but this week I´m desperately scrambling to complete everything on the to-do list before we leave for France Thursday! I´m trying to get set for three weeks of viajes! But before I start to complain too much, I had to begin my series of posts about our whirlwind weekend in Northern Morocco.

The trip was exactly what I needed when I didn´t exactly realize that I needed it. Logroño is back to its typical winter weather that messed with my mind last year: cold, windblown rain almost every day. I´m much better equipped to handle it this year by knowing the best places to cozy up for a café con leche or caldo casero and keeping busy, busy. I still needed to see something to lift my spirits, and I got it!

Morocco is hectic, challenging, and colorful. Traditional Moroccan food is delicious and this time around we met some really great fellow travelers who reminded me why I love travel so much.

After a night of hookah and Moroccan tea, we were stuffed into a taxi and headed to the amazing mountain town of Chefchaoen two hours from Tangiers. Nestled into the far end of the Riff Mountains, the place was practically undisturbed until the 1850´s. It´s well-established on most tourist trails now, and it´s easy to tell why it´s so popular.

The entire town is painted in different shades of blue, with a couple of different stories as to why. The most entertained story refers to Jewish refugees who fled to Morocco from Spain when its citizens were forced to commit to Catholicism. Jewish rabbis wore a traditional blue scarf, which supposedly inspired the paint job as a symbol of peace. The color also keeps mosquitos at bay in the summer months, where temperatures reach 104F degrees or more!

The effect is a dream-like feeling as you wander through the city. It´s very calming. I felt like the shopkeepers even harass you less there, which is a big thing to claim in Morocco! It could be the most photogenic place I´ve ever been to! Stories and memories made throughout the weekend coming soon.