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If you have questions about the following areas, we may have the info you’re looking for: Greece, Germany, Costa Rica, Honduras, Belgium, Northern Ireland, Ecuador, the United States, Morocco, Italy, France (Paris), and Spain.

Work and Volunteer Information for: Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain.


3 Responses to “Where We’ve Been”

  1. sunshineandoliveadventures

    Hi :) I just stumbled across your blog and it’s great. I think you should go to Italy for summer. I am currently working in Umbria as a language assistant. There is so much to see of Italy plus the trains tend to be cheap, so traveling around the country would be easy :)

    • cartasdecourtney

      Thank you! That’s so cool that you are working there as a language assistant. What is the name of the program? I would LOVE to come to Italy. We are trying to see if we can arrange a trip in late April! :)

      • sunshineandoliveadventures

        It’s called Comenius and it’s funded by the EU so you can go to any country in the EU. But for Americans i think fulbright might have a programme.
        The Italian government doesn’t really invest in mother tongue assistants. For people from the UK there is only 50 places in the whole of Italy to teach in public schools! Those places are given to students who are studying Italian and are going on their year abroad. So its difficult to get a place in Italy unless you work in a language academy.
        You should definitely come to Italy! :)

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