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The demand for learning English as a foreign language across the world is the best thing that could have happened to a Native-English speaker who wants to spend time abroad. Just the fact that you were born in an English-speaking country gives you all kinds of advantages and shortcuts to getting these jobs, TEFL certification or not. It’s kind of unfair to others.

Maybe I’m cheating at the whole nomad, backpacker, vagabond movement, but I felt much more able to take the leap to move abroad because I knew I would have a source of income. What’s great about these language assistant programs is that you have a huge network to help you figure things out along the way, and your workload only adds up to twelve hours per week. That leaves you a lot of time to explore and travel to surrounding countries if you don’t mind hustling a little on the side for extra euros. I can tell you how!


1. North American Language and Cultural Assistants Program

Application Period: Early January to Early April, no fee, no interview, first-come and first-serve to placements
Requirements: Native-English speaker, Letter of Intent, Letter of Recommendation, Copy of Passport, Copy of Transcripts
Compensation: 700EURO per month, health insurance
Hours: 12 hours/week
Placement: Throughout Spain, they try to take your three preferences into account. Some regions don’t participate, some regions are only available to British auxiliares.
Duration: October 1-May 31

Application Period:Early November-January
Program Fee: 175EURO, required to take monthly classes over bilingual education and Spanish language
Requirements: CV, cover letter, letter of recommendation, intermediate level of Spanish, experience working with children, TEFL, experience abroad, short interview in English
Compensation: 900-1200 EURO monthly, depends on amount of hours, health insurance
Hours: 18-24 hours/week
Placement:300 of 365 placements are in Madrid

Application Period: February-March 15
Requirements: Cover letter, resume, letter of reference, intermediate level of Spanish, experience working with children, interview in Madrid or over Skype
Compensation: 800-1500EURO (depending on amount of hours), health insurance, lunch at school
Hours: 17-25 hours/week
Placement: Madrid and surrounding areas
Duration: September-June

Caution: This is just the basics of each program, which is why I so graciously included the link to each website for you to find missing information and elaborations.

I only have specific knowledge about the NALCAP. Consider that a major potential drawback of this program is that every applicant can have an incredibly different experience. There are no guarantees as a first year applicant, it’s the luck of the draw. Feel free to contact me with specific questions and I can give you my opinions.

We have a ball.

We have a ball.

My adorable little Native Americans.

My adorable little Native Americans.


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